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tv   [untitled]    December 22, 2011 10:31pm-11:01pm EST

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the other part of it and realize that everything you. are is a big. blow
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to the counseling i'm lauren lyster. our guidance. in our earlier this week we spoke about leon panetta is a recent statement on the war in iraq the price of the war was worth it to establish a stable government not exactly as they want to make a whole lot of sense these days so what will you like to hear leon panetta say a two americans about the year long war go to producer has roots in a century to find out what you had to say. as allies u.s. troops officially left iraq secretary of defense leon panetta said that the price other rock war was worth it the nearly four thousand five hundred americans killed and then. thirty two thousand wounded hundreds of thousands of iraqi deaths and as
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to major cost eight hundred six billion dollars according to the congressional research service and by other estimates maybe even up to two trillion now after a decade of war entered into on a false pretense and with lives lost and billions spent many found an understatement to be in adequate to say the least now although making sure troops don't feel disrespected for their sacrifices requires a delicate balance so we want to know what you thought leon panetta should have said about the war in iraq now for starters romney believes he should have the minute i was wrong jerry said we goofed and ed said he should have told us i resign now miss macks said he would have river in panetta speech all together to resumption like this i apologize the american people on the world we accomplish nothing for the rocky or american people or merely change the face of corruption from one dictator to another however we did secure some very big contracts for corporate bodies now no one who were applied was buying into account as remarks for
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someone to claim that something was worth it after their term amanda's loss of life and hundreds of billions of dollars spent means it would have had our way the alternative of never going to war in the first place so perhaps what leon panetta needed to do instead was something he could never do show was real solid proof to back up his words. now as always we appreciate responses and here's our next question for you in the show we spoke about the m.s.m. is a full court press against g.o.p. nominee ron paul so in light of that scandal let us know if you think it's not refuted properly could this invalidate ron paul as a presidential candidate post on facebook twitter and you tube and those responses just might make you know it. all today closing arguments were heard in the bradley manning pretrial hearing events gene went first and attorney david combs seemed to return to his original three pronged approach manning's mental instability lack of security and his intelligence office and assessing the actual damage from the leaks diplomatic cables. not only did he focus on the army privates instability but he
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also spent some time dealing with the detailing the troubles the manning faced while dealing with gender identity comes explained that manning wanted to hide it from this problem and he thought that if he joined the military then his masculinity couldn't be questioned he was manning's mental instability as a stepping stone to reiterate the calls by manning's peers to have the army private seek medical attention something that was overlooked by his superiors despite several outburst one in which he reportedly punched a female physician in the face now the defense attorney also detailed notes taken by manning's counselor where he suggested that he was struggling yet also failed to ever report it to other superiors combs proceeded to label the army intelligence unit where manning worked as a lawless unit because it allowed the soldiers to utilize a classified network for personal use so for example when manning was allowed to listen to personal c.d.'s other soldiers within the intelligence division were also able to watch movies and play video games they were all stored on the same network that held the sensitive information now to finish out the third arm of the defense team's approach combs that once again question the secretive nature of the leaked
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information saying why are we here when all this information is out in public if anything it's helped the sky is not falling and the sky will not fall sunlight is the best disinfectant and we also took the time to explain manning's charges and the subsequent sentences noting that they come to one hundred and fifty years behind bars if convicted the government also tacked on the charge of aiding the enemy something which could subject manning to execution although the government said that they would not be seeking the death penalty now once the defense finished the prosecution had their turn to once again explain why manning was in the wrong the prosecution or mind of the jury the view cues had signed seven agreements to protect government secrets were kept in ash ash and find it said that manning broke that agreement talking to the post or taking to the podium like he said it p.f.c. manning gave enemies of the united states unfettered access to these government documents not only to the prosecution reiterate their case but they took me opportunity to present a little bit of new evidence including. portions of fifteen pages of chats which
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the government alleges are between manning and julian assange their main exhibit showed three chats allegedly between manning and assigned one in which the to discuss uploading the classified. documents one in which the to discuss a couple of classified cables and in perhaps the bombshell of the evidence that was revealed they also showed where manning allegedly asked for asylum just help to crack a government computer which the chatter who they think is the challenge agreed to do so that's probably not good news for the we can expound but now the both sides have shared their closing arguments it's all up to the presiding officer lieutenant colonel paul monk who decide manning's fate he's going to have several weeks and is expected to have a decision by january sixteenth so we're going to continue covering the story and be sure to inform you at home when a verdict is reached. or earlier this week we spoke about the new study that suggests that almost one in three americans are rested before age twenty three a drastic rise in the last time that something like this was conducted which found
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the number to be one in five in one thousand nine hundred sixty five so we can we say behind these figures of these school to prison pipeline a rise in zero tolerance policies in our schools beginning in the ninety's as well as have your campus police presence that treats offenses committed by minors always as criminal or how about the rise in completely ludicrous arrests things like five and six year olds getting arrested for playing doctor the truth is there's a lot of uncertainty out there because the proper statistics haven't exactly been measured by the government but if that's the case then why is the government throwing more money at problems like the school to prison pipeline that they haven't properly diagnosed joining me to discuss this radley balko senior writer an investigative reporter for the huffington post bradley thanks for coming back on the show it's been a while we're happy to have you here again let's start with with this number right one in three or nearly one in three americans arrested by age twenty three this is it just seems crazy to me everything we all just agree that that by no means is normal it's ridiculously high. i mean it is i but the methodology behind
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that study was it's a a survey that's a bunch of students signed up for nine hundred ninety six and it sort of followed them over the years and found that about one in three i think it was there was a big range actually but on the average it came out to about one of them one in three of them had been arrested at some point and then they were not necessarily charged or convicted but but arrested and you know that that number is very very high all right so let's get into what we think some of the reasons here might be right there's a lot of literature out there we've spoken authors and written books before about this school to prison pipeline if you look at certain policies that were enacted in the one nine hundred ninety s. the fact that you know zero tolerance has really become the norm but do we know are there statistics out there to tell us that this is part of the problem. yeah well this is when i started looking into this and then i was going to write this article about kind of the criminalization of childhood and when i started looking into the data and you look at the actual arrest data juveniles from the department justice
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it's actually down pretty significantly since about one thousand nine hundred five there but i think the numbers are about seventeen percent decline in juvenile arrest since two thousand and one another twenty percent decline between one nine hundred ninety six and two thousand so. do not arrest are actually down so you know that doesn't mean that that number isn't still too high it doesn't mean that the zero tolerance policies are good policies or that putting police in the schools is the policy back to people from a pretty terrible policies but. the problem here is that the specific arrest data for rest of miners in school on school campuses as the data just doesn't exist and so that a government has been basically pushing these two policies of paying school districts for police officers in the hallways and also surprising what you know from the funding of prodding schools to develop the zero tolerance policies but they never really put any metric in place to see you know whether these policies are working and what kind of you know collateral unintended effects they might be having so now
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we have this you know the program the start of this program to combat the school by our school to prison pipeline problem we don't even know that exists and if you believe the critics and i am a critic of these policies the that the two main policies that created the alleged school devival involved school to prison pipeline problem are still you know being funded and pushed by the federal government so it's there's a lot of bad information out there but also a lot of i mean the argument seems you are going money at both ends of the problem . well that doesn't really seem like there's any rhyme or reason to it than start or find certain policies and then find policies to counter those policies i mean if you think of this is something specific to this scenario here we've seen that same kind of example when it comes to the government and other areas as well when i think what happened is in the ninety's you know at some stereo that really wasn't backed by any big data one were these very high profile school shootings columbine
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as it was of course the main one and the other one in arkansas and what you saw was a sort of a sterile response to this when again if you look at the data that we do have schools have always been through the safest place that kids could be and violence in schools actually went down in the one nine hundred ninety s. despite you know the the series of really high profile school shooting so you had that and that was one of the biggest areas that these policies were a reaction to and the other one was there was a lot of talk on particularly among people on the kind of law and order right about these super super predators which was built to be these high crime sort of amoral juveniles who were going to rise up and should reach havoc on the inner cities and probably be more productive if they move into the suburbs and start terrorizing the suburbs and this never happened the crime rate dropped pretty dramatically starting again about the early to mid ninety's and has been dropping ever since super predator never happened so these were two you know really high. really kind of
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media generated hysteria is that generated real policies that have no real effects well we don't exactly know what those of pics are because there's no matter for them but these are real policies that affected kids you know every day that were passed in response to these hysteria is that you know actually exist and and i think we see this pretty often the government to spend of you know we have to do something about this problem because sometimes even before we realize there's actual actually a problem before we show there's a problem i would so what if you know so we're talking about minors right now we're talking about kids that are in school under the age of eighteen probably about this study goes all the way up to twenty three there's five years there there's a lot that could happen do you think that that might somehow you know make up for it are there any statistics that might show us that. well. that's a good question i mean the incarceration rate has actually gone up you know pretty dramatically since the early eighty's but the crime rate overall crime has actually gone down since about one thousand nine hundred four and with the drop in the crime
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rate there's also been adopted arrests so sort of it there's been a cumulative effect and because you get these long sentences without the possibility of parole so the prison population keeps growing even as we're seeing fewer arrests fewer and fewer s.-o. o.-o. and answer question actually didn't look at the data. of arrests of people between eighteen and twenty three it's a good idea to actually check that but my guess is it would have it's probably dropped as well just just because the crime rate over that period is going up just curious you know that's college age and sometimes that's all they have lined up getting into a lot of trouble radley thanks so much for joining us tonight thanks. i still to come that i plan fox news host makes the war on christmas his top priority. and then happy hour cosmetic surgery becomes a really popular christmas gift and we'll bring you a story out of utah that you just have to see the whole of your after.
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into it on your military mechanisms that do not work to bring justice or accountability. i have every right to know what my government should do if you want to know why i pay taxes. but i would characterize obama as a charismatic version of american exceptionalism. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so silly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else here sees some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard welcomes the big picture.
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i'm lauren lyster. you're still believe the roughing it. what a protest nobody seems to know. that never a pepper sprayed the face but part of the argument that they're being overly dramatic.
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are you guys it's time for tonight's tool time award tonight it goes to bill o'reilly again anybody who's been watching fox news over the past couple of weeks knows that their favorite topic around the holidays is the very ominous sounding war on christmas that's right lefties atheists and the worst of them all the politically correct they are working tirelessly this time of year to make sure that you and your kids can't openly celebrate christmas that the only people fighting back are the dedicated anchors and hosts over fox news the bill o'reilly at the help now bill the whole fox news team spend day after day finding obscure one off cases of kids not being able to bring poinsettias to school or not being able to say merry christmas then they do what fox news does best they spin this into a national story the most important story of the season in fact for the past
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fifteen years we have stood up for christmas year on the factor swatting away in siena terms by secular progressives to diminish the national holiday the governor of rhode island lincoln chafee refuses to acknowledge that the huge tree in the state of rhode island puts up at christmastime is indeed a christmas tree the governor believes it is a holiday tree christmas is not a word anyone should be ashamed of it is the law of the land board member of congress not allowed to wish you a merry christmas on the taxpayer dime but how about a bit of tolerance towards folks who respect christmas traditions about ninety percent of us. that's right apparently fox the war on christmas is so important that it's even more important than our real wars you know the ones where americans fight and lose their lives according to media matters of the course of december bill o'reilly spent roughly forty two minutes covering the war on christmas and approximately thirteen and a half minutes covering the wars in both iraq and afghanistan so it's almost
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a third less so not only was the war on christmas more important it was much more important and it's not like there has been news worth covering from our two wars right and in fact this past weekend the last u.s. troops left iraq after nine years of war you would think of be a big deal like a really big deal and in afghanistan there is plenty of important news a bill o'reilly doesn't think is as newsworthy as the war on christmas like this week general john allen said that our troops are going to be in afghanistan far past the two thousand and fourteen withdrawal deadline meaning of the war in afghanistan is nowhere near over that vice president joe biden said of the taliban was in our enemy in afghanistan everybody went crazy thought it was a huge deal a change of policy but apparently none of that was a big of a deal as the made up non-existent war on christmas is the bill o'reilly would rather spend time waging a culture war day in and day out than talking about the cost and the news surrounding the real wars that he and his fellow fox news host so valiantly champion it's a sad day for america when the highest rated host on the highest rated network
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would rather spend his time every night talking about the literally fake news rather than real us wars so it's no wonder why the american people are disconnected from the cost of the wars that our government wages on our behalf because you don't hear anything about them because bill o'reilly doesn't think that they're important to talk about so for choosing to spend his time creating a fake war rather than covering the us is very real wars bill o'reilly wins tonight to a time award. our guys have time for a happy hour and during the busy evening as our team web writer andrew blake and medicine heard on the hill reporter for roll call thanks for joining you guys absolutely this first story really needs no introduction because i'm just going to let the clip kind of kind of explain itself take a look. the man saw
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a mouse in his kitchen early this morning so he did what came naturally he grabbed a gun and fired off a round as you might guess the bullet missed the mouse it went through the bedroom wall and hit his roommate it gets worse police came to investigate and found a thirteen year old girl hiding in the basement closet she told the officer she was having a secret relationship with thirty four years old and a third housemate. so this was definitely one of those headlines where you see in the morning you're like wait a minute man shoots mouse misses shoots roommate gets roommate arrested for statutory rape it's just so much in one story and on top of it the rest of his roommates are stuck with the retina station and you're right he didn't get the no no that was like the mostly vance complicated version of the mousetrap you can imagine goes down the chute into the basement and then the little girl runs out of the closet like really who shoots a mouse that's what you do normally if you see a mouse is ok you're going out to shoot and what thirty four year old to have an
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affair with a thirteen year old i think that's the reality that in order you know you want to talk about the reality i mean i was i was i really have a mouth you know i mean obviously there was something that needed to be discovered there in terms of the story rape so you can blame your. roommate the want to shoot a mouse for it maybe you should have read the story more closely but my question was the guy who actually got shot in the chest was a man who was having an affair with the kid or the mother got oh no you know i really like a bundy apparently different room it was like four and then they found the girl hiding in the closet and then she admitted that she was do we know what happened to the maoists at the end of the day we don't know you know what i believe that is a real on what happened about the end of the day yesterday r. kelly announced he has thirty two new chapters of trapped in the closet coming out and now i know why goodness gracious. all right let's move out of the next one shall we but this one is not as. a lot more ridiculous so last night occupy
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berkeley big police presence rating at and just take with me we've you know we've done a lot of stories here on the show about the police arresting journalists beating up cure and trying to stop the press from being able to cover any of these events and this video really doesn't make them look any better. oh you mean this. was. he landed here we were having a little you know phone camera video on the cop gets you with a gun shoved into your face. trying to you know what happened afterwards you know what happened well then there was a lot of action over to the side and the whole videos online but then the cop had
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to run away and kind of got distracted. me also as there are actual protesters and you know it rather than somebody that was trying to film all the events i think to go to the camera actually want to go find them out oh and then and then it all comes together but i start off i feel like yeah it was very elton john of you thank you i feel like people in berkeley should know better like if you have a protest at berkeley cops are going to shoot you do you learn that in history books that's like that's like causing crimes does it make it ok like you would like ellie cops ripping you know the car being a crap out of you and you being surprised at what p.d. planning kokoda you know it's just in berkeley you have a protest going to go in and all right here i think i think the point here is that you know you hear a lot about police officers that clearly abuse some of their powers or might you know have an excessive he was already said i do not think he's right but so citizen journalism the fact that people can all film it is awesome and we see how they're
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treated you know and then the cops get a bad team because then they're showing the bags on video what happened to them ok we don't know what happened but. we can talk about something really awesome that could happen to you on christmas look at the best gift ever best gift ever fairly. it's a gift that just keeps on giving and could even put some spice back into your relationship . natalie martinez was thrilled when she got her new gift this year no it's not a new pair of shoes a rip purse this present is a little more personal and something she'll have for a lifetime. the brest gift ever. it's not the breath ever now that the terrible they're all would you want to know honey i got you a boob job for chris do you talk about this beforehand because in late does it sound good on you and your friend like what's wrong with my brad i know and then
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you're and like crying and vodka for christmas that's so sad. remembering all those years in high school all those hugs that you're. running with . i'll get you same for chris all the errors why did i do i just wonder how that process happens you know like is that like honey i really want a boob job and then you get one or if it's a gift certificate refundable or exchangeable that's a hell of a deal so it's very expensive yeah yeah. do they come refundable or gift card i mean it's like best buy or something right. get something else guys let's let's just to our last story really clear if. people were really angry when obama first came into office including glenn beck because he got rid of the churchill bust people. obama also gave back a bust of winston churchill which was given to us on nine eleven as
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a symbol of unity. he said no to good to get back in there like no no sure usually would you learned your in america you put it in a museum no no take it you got to be kidding me right so basically right now while congress is big not passing the payroll tax the house did the other day commissioned a new bust of winston churchill and you know why is america i think america's more obsessed as winston churchill than you know the brits are we just say that. british accent sounds like a sesame street character. i mean but here's the maybe it doesn't congress do kind of one off bells like that where they'll do it by easily and i we trust yeah i mean like post post office i mean churchill bust of the most important thing though i do understand down to doing something i don't think is a very important i guess you can do damn pain for breath he did things he did saying that he was an important historical figure but it's like it's an obsession it did more than you'll have our guys are going to have
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a kind of i thought ok watch yourself are you think that's a pretty night so thanks for giving him a free come back tomorrow mike riggs going to join us for happy hour in the meantime topic it's become a fad of us on facebook you can follow us on twitter you can watch everything you tube dot com slash neil and i fell and next is the news. the official location to hong kong pulled from the dumpster. on the. video. smiling. omissions from now in the palm of your.
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oh i'm going to washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture in tonight's conversations with great minds i'll talk to an economist from political scientist who says it's time for us to usher in a new economy and john boehner and his tea party profiteers have caved on the payroll tax cut extension so could this be the beginning of the end for the tea parties hostage taking spreaders and its and i'd take i'll give you the science behind the one percent.


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